We are a digital research agency.

Our offer is simple. We catch consumer insights with the help of smart digital methodologies, and deliver results in a format that suits your organisation. We are experienced research consultants who will be great parter for you regardless if you are in need or more traditional market research or if you are looking for a more customized solution for your digital business. If you would like to step into the shoes of people who meet, buy and use you category or brand, you have come to the right place!

We believe in

Adopting research methods to how people communicate and find their preferences today

The most valuable insights are collected when we allow people to express themselves unlimited to fixed questions, and with both photos and comments.

Not having to choose between qualitative or quantitative

With smart methods, qualitative research can be put at scale, and we are able to deliver qualitative insight from a quantitative base, spread nationwide and across markets. Without loss of quality and more budget friendly than traditional qual.

Visualizing beyond charts and percentages

We aim to visualize the people behind the numbers, deliver findings in an inspiring way and with a summary ideal for sharing with your organisation.

Never stop innovating

All our research tools are developed in house, and we continuously develop both existing and new methods and tools. We love to co-create with our clients & partners.

How we do it

In the moment experiences shared through photos and comments. With Liveworks Story you step into the shoes of your target group to be able to optimize your offer.

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#Consumer experience
#User experience
#In store optimization
#Input to your next innovation

"What consumers see, do and experience reported with photos and comments through our app."

Live feedback on your idea during a workshop. Pre-recruited people are ready online for an effective session, where you will be able to quickly get response, understand why and move forward.

#Design screening
#Concept test

Dreaming about being that fly on the wall, listening to what people are saying about your brand or products? Pre-recruited groups of friends talk about subjects and/or are given missions to present needs, drivers, barriers and solutions. Led by an app that is recording it all.

#Brand attitudes
#Consumer needs
#Consumer perspectives

We connect to people at relevant times to collect their experiences. Our digital methods allow us to reach people beacause of e.g what they do (Visits, purchases, social media actions etc)

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#crm - adding attitudes to behaviour
#product evaluation
#service evaluation

With a login to our client portal, you can follow results in real time and find all reports in one place. We build customized result views that suits your business.

#Customized dashboards
#Real time results

In addition to new methodologies, we have long experience from tranditional quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. We use and combine the best solutions for your particular needs.


Tina Fernandes

Founder, Research Consultant


Liveworks AB
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